Living Mindfully


How do I practise living mindfully?

1. waking up early to move my body + set intentions daily.
2. having clear values + visions of how I show up in life + setting realistic goals that I tweak as required.
3. acting mindfully by first asking “will this action bring me closer to living aligned with my highest self?”.
4. love being organized with fresh food + creating healthy home made meals.
5. enjoying quality content audiobooks, podcasts, listening to ambient music, guided meditations + practicing yin yoga.
6. immersing myself outdoors amongst nature anchors me + the sound of the ocean deepens my sense of connection to all things.
7. the beach is my favorite place to plan + journal by day + I adore watching the moon + stars by night.
8. like many motivated people who love to be “productive”. I do admit I find it hard focusing on doing “one thing at a time” hehehehe, however I am working with this!
9. living mindfully has allowed me to let go of is the need to constantly “be busy”. I am enjoying the freedom that “doing less” has gifted me.
10. grateful everyday to do what I love for a career, for my beautiful family, friends, the spaces I get to practice + teach in.
12. grateful for every warm hearted soul I have connected with.
13. living mindfully gifts us time to pause, focus + appreciate all those small finer details that surround us in each moment. .
After all, its all those “small things” that are the meaningful “big things” in life! .

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