What are you Feeding your Mind ?


Being healthy is a complete lifestyle.

Its not just about eating a healthy diet or how you move your body with exercise.
Being healthy must also include what you feed your mind.
The cells within the body, react to everything your mind says.

What you feed your mind today is what shapes your future.
What you watch on TV, what things fill your social media feed, what you read,

the people you surround yourself with . . .
Your mind is so powerful and just like your stomach, it needs to be fuelled with

wholesome + nourishing thoughts.

Be mindful of ALL things you INGEST

  • physically
  • emotionally +
  • spiritually.

Maybe replace watching or listening to the news with uplifting podcasts or audiobooks,

replace being around negative people for a soothing yin yoga or meditation practise,

eliminate and UN-follow social pages or people that no longer nourish you!
And please, keep it simple. . .

Making just ONE small positive change each day, to nourish the “positive seeds” in the

garden of your mind will weed out what no longer serves you!
After all, its the small positive things when done repeatedly, that become our daily habits.

Our habits shape who we are.

Feeding your mind with more positive thoughts will shape a brighter healthier future!
Love Simmi xx

Mind FULL ?
Feeding your Body + Mind
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