Flow Through Life with Ease


How to Flow Through your Week with Ease.

1. Book your fitness schedule at the start of every week in advance + sync to your classes to your calendar like important work meetings.
2. Always do the hardest or least favourite jobs or chores first.
3. Practise the 80:20 rule in healthy lifestyle with staying active + nourishing your body inside with healthy eating habits.
4. Get outdoors + connect with nature in any way you can.
5. De-clutter your workspace, home + environment.
6. Do at least one positive thing to change someone else’s day, everyday!
7. Take time daily to find stillness without destructions, noise + free from electronics (even just 10min)
8. Rest well every night by going to bed earlier, not sleeping in!
9. Leave blank empty spaces on your calendar so you can simply breathe + live both organised, yet organically!
10. Say NO to what no longer grows you.


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