There is no “quick fix” when it comes to health and fitness. Whether your intentions or goals are to increase flexibility, speed, endurance, strengthen your core, open up more through your backbends, find more balance in handstand or increase cardiovascular fitness or general health + wellness the most important thing if you want success is to be CONSISTENT.

We are what we do repeatedly right?

Our daily actions play a huge role in shaping our habits. A habit is a routine or repeated behaviour that becomes second nature and can occur subconsciously. As a teacher, instructor and trainer for many years now, I have seen every “fad diet” “8wk challenge” quick fix” I tried some myself and “short cut” ways to be fitter, faster + stronger or whatever.

Some people achieve great results, but was this lifestyle balanced or maintainable?
What stands out when people succeed is their consistency to exercise whilst maintaining a healthy non-rigid diet.
Let us be honest here, when we eat balanced + healthy food we feel great + when we exercise, it makes us feel positive and energised.

When we eat crap, we feel like crap + when we skip our scheduled exercise we feel unmotivated and tired!

Sometimes holidays and life events throw our routines out of whack. Consistency is about coming back to your routine and positive lifestyle habits.
It is not what you did on your Xmas holiday break that shapes you, its what you do the rest of each year that counts.
Discipline is the commitment to continually show up, no matter how you feel and this plays a huge role in forming our habits.
Consistency ingrains and develops habits that can change your life!
Create healthy sustainable lifestyle habits, not restrictions. Find balance to be good yet flexible to live + enjoy yourself too. No need to be perfect.

Consistency holds more value than perfection!

Consistency applies to many things in life beyond health such as being consistent in your work ethic + consistently growing etc.

As Tony Robbins says, it’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. Its what we do consistently that matters most!

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