Classes to suit everyone

Get Raw Classes

Get Raw deliver vibrant professional time efficient classes in the prestigious North Burleigh Beachfront + Miami Pizzey Park Locations. We also offer one indoor class each week in Burleigh Waters Community Centre. Our time efficient $4 Active & Healthy classes are a fun and affordable way to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.


This fun 45min class is a unique blend of pilates that will tone & strengthen your whole body with focus on Abs, Butt & deep Core! Suits both females + males with options to suit everyone including beginners!


A unique blend of power pilates, strength + toning exercises with a focus on abs, butt + thighs. Suitable for all fitness levels + both females and males.


A unique blend of HIIT varying each week from Strength, Circuit or Boxing to increase your fitness and all over tone. Suitable for all fitness levels and both females and males.

Active + Heathy Online Studio

You will love Get Raw Active & Healthy Online Home Hiit Fitness Classes! Fresh time efficient workouts will be uploaded each week of the A+H Program + enjoyed from the comfort of your own home using minimal equipment. Click “learn more” link below.